How Much Can You Earn as a Carpenter?


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If you’re looking to channel your construction skills into a more specific industry, carpentry may be the discipline for you. Carpentry requires a precise eye and dedication, but can be rewarding. A career in this field can create a steady income for you to rely on. However, the path you take can increase your income dramatically.

Specialize Your Abilities to Meet Needs

If you’re looking to step up your game as a carpenter, find out what consumers want. Maybe your industry is in need of basic furniture production, or perhaps local business owners are seeking more detailed carpentry touches. Talk to colleagues and friends to find out what people need and how you can match that with your woodworking abilities. If you find a niche you want to satisfy, try to find a class or a mentor to help instruct you in this new area of carpentry. Additionally, don’t forget a mentor that knows all: the internet! You may be surprised at the depth of information online videos and articles can provide when pursuing a new skill.

Scale Up

Looking to supplement your income in other ways? Try picking up odd jobs. Consider making furniture or decorative goods to bolster your revenue using your skills. Begin with weekend jobs and tasks neighbors or friends may need completed, and soon you may be popular for your carpentry just through word-of-mouth. A great way to create opportunities for yourself is to undercut the competition. See if you can do the same job as a company, but offer to work cheaper or faster. This is a great way to build a reputation for solid, professional work.

Strive for Independence

To find the most lucrative work, try self-employment. Being able to work on your own contracts is the best way to create extra income. If this seems like something you want to try, begin by networking with potential clients and exploring what kind of carpentry work is needed in your community. Invest in your own tools in order to work independently and expand your abilities. Start with the occasional weekend gig, and work your way up to regular work that pays well. Eventually with some hard work, you’ll be able to go full time with your endeavors and run the show solo!

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