Should Your Company Start a Ride-Sharing Program?


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These days, there are many ways to stay competitive and make your workplace the most efficient environment possible. If your company is dealing with unreliable workers and you want to increase your company’s efficiency, consider starting a ride-sharing program to keep your operations running smoothly. Find out if this is the answer to your workplace dilemmas by reading our tips.

Maximize Cost Efficiency

Not only is ride-sharing advantageous for the workers using the service, it also cuts company costs when all employees arrive on time as scheduled. When setting up a ride-sharing program, you’ll need to bear in mind every associated cost: fuel, back-up plans and scheduling conflicts. It’s also essential to begin your program with a frank discussion of employee payment. To save money, a ride-sharing program is only as effective as its predetermined guidelines. Each member should know if they should pay per mile, per trip, or if it’s going to be a split cost.

Plan Accordingly

Each participant in a company ride-share program needs to have a contingency plan. Even the most reliable carpool plan can fall through occasionally, and everyone should be prepared. Make sure all schedules are compatible, to avoid a drive twenty minutes out of the way, or when you’re stuck on the job an extra hour to accommodate others. Decide who’s going to be the driver, or if there are plans to alternate.

Think About Benefits

A ride-sharing program at your company really comes down to your employees. What are their transportation needs, and will this accommodate them? If you’ve got workers with unreliable transportation living in proximity, this may be a great perk for your team as well as a desirable system for potential hires. If your staff manages alternating shifts and various times, this may not be the solution. Upon the implementation of a designated carpool, it’s also important that workers involved are considerate: be civil, be ready on time, no pit-stops. Obstacles may come up, but the company carpool is meant to save time and money as the bottom line.

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