Make These Seasonal Worker Recruiting Tips Work for You All Year Long


Construction Staffing

Hiring seasonal work can be an effective way to manage the increase in holiday surges. A terrific solution for managers can be temporary help to assist you through your busy season. With these tips on how to get the right hires in the door during the most hectic times, leaders can also be more informed on best practices in hiring year-round.

Begin Early

The last thing you want is to be facing a holiday rush making hasty hires or with an ill-prepared crew. Managers need to begin the seasonal hiring process in autumn to anticipate the need for staff that will arise in the coming months. You want newcomers readily trained and prepared to hit the ground running, particularly when facing a rush.

Make the Right Choice

It may be easy to fill your seasonal positions with anyone you see fit, but try to be diligent with your selections. First, hire professional candidates that have knowledge and experience to represent your company. Additionally, you want to hire individuals with potential, that can grow into a more permanent position. Being able to review seasonal performance under pressure means you’ve got a great pool to draw from when you need more part-time or full-time workers.

Know Where to Look

To select the right people for your seasonal crew, consider a temp agency. Instead of sifting through piles of unqualified applicants or searching through online post responses, expedite your quest for the best through a top-notch agency like CCS Construction Staffing. You’ll feel more comfortable hiring productive and reliable professionals that have been prescreened and are ready to jump right in when you need them most.

Our candidates are qualified and experienced, prepared for the rush of a holiday job. Do you need to replace a seasonal plumber, or add some extra crew to finish a holiday project? Request manpower today and you’re sure to find the perfect employees that are ready to put in the effort.

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