Five Tips to Motivate Your Construction Team in 2017!


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Motivation is an essential responsibility when supervising a construction team. Managing your staff can be tough when your people are less-than-enthusiastic about the job. When you’re heading into a new year looking for new ways to lead your staff into an efficient season, you’ll want to know how best to keep them on task. CCS Construction Staffing is here to provide five helpful strategies that are sure to get your people focused for 2017.

Think “Big Picture”

If you’re assigning small or repetitive tasks, workers can often lose sight of the importance of the job overall. Remind them why they’re working on something, or what the project will become. When they have a vision, the work won’t seem menial.

Be Clear

Employees with ambiguous assignments or no direction will be less likely to perform the job efficiently. Leave no room for misunderstanding on a project: Give detailed instructions including measures for anything that might go wrong, and you’ll have a team less likely to procrastinate. 

Be Reliable and Respectful

A supervisor who shows up late (or not at all) will not be taken seriously. Motivation starts with showing up, and doing some hands-on work doesn’t hurt. Your team is lagging? Dig in and get dirty to show them that you are also part of the team. Working alongside a boss can allow for team-building and expose newcomers to more experienced methods and training.

Show Appreciation

One of the vital ways to keep employees coming back each day ready to get to work is having them feel appreciated. Structured recognition is great for staying organized when recognizing the hard work for your team. Random compliments are considerate, but you want to be equitable among your employees, so consider a chart or a way to track positive interactions with employees.

Bring on the Challenge

Staff members might slack off without a stimulating task. You want employees to appreciate the work they do and be grateful to have it. However, hammering the same wall all day might fill an employee with dread. Try to find new tasks or switch up the work to makes things more interesting for them, to keep them engaged and attentive. On a construction job, boredom can be a safety hazard.

CCS Construction Staffing is a top staffing agency full of professionals who can provide resources on how to make your job site productive and successful. For more insight on how to keep your staff on target, contact us today.

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