Mistakes Managers Make When Giving Performance Reviews


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Performance reviews are tough on everyone – you want to be forthcoming and open, but you don’t want to be overly harsh. It’s important to make your employees feel appreciated while also being realistic about your expectations and their abilities. Performance reviews are a great time to show your support and offer constructive criticism, but there are mistakes to avoid during the process.

Annual performance reviews – only

Of course you want to check in each year, but it’s essential to keep tabs on your people throughout the year. If you only sit down with your employees annually, you run the risk of missing interpersonal conflicts or site issues.

“My door is always open”

This kind of cliché may come from a genuine place, but it can be perceived as lazy or vague. A leader doesn’t offer to let employees come to them, a true professional seeks out team members on a regular basis to connect and discuss. Don’t just offer to talk: Go out of your way to ensure there aren’t conflicts or issues being swept under the rug.

Not being fully prepared to reflect on the year

As a supervisor, it’s vital to be fully prepared. Doing a performance review on the fly is a disservice to you as a manager and to your employee. Although criticism can be tough to take for some, your workers want to know they are doing what they should be, so be honest. Take some time to review each employee, and be sure to go over the entire year. Too much emphasis on a recent misstep or success will cloud the interview as a whole: Talk about their entire tenure for the year for the clearest picture of their performance.

These mistakes are common, but the best leaders know how to help their employees succeed and create a reputable brand. To learn more about growing your business and making your mark in a challenging industry, check out the resources available at CCS Construction Staffing today.

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