What Jobs Are Your Construction Workers Leaving You For?


Construction Staffing

Chances are, the changes in the American economy have impacted your staff. Why are they leaving? Construction was hit hard by the recession, and many laborers are looking for ways to alter their career path to increase their income. Read ahead on where the viable professionals are going, and how you can bring them back.


It’s possible they are still in the industry, but there just wasn’t enough local work. Many cities and towns across the U.S. are seeing a shift of construction workers frequently relocating in hopes of a more permanent position. Consider expanding your projects and diversifying where you work to open up options.

Private Craftwork

Many construction workers transform their marketable hands-on skills into private practice industry. These professionals will use their construction experience to become cabinetmakers, carpenters, woodworkers or crafters to take advantage of their practical talents. They may also feel more satisfaction from this work due to the ability to create something and connect with their consumer more directly. To reach out to these individuals, try creating specialized projects or more opportunities to work with clients directly.

Inspection or Grounds Work

Becoming a building inspector applies knowledge of materials or structure, and groundskeeping allows the benefit of outdoor, flexible work. These paths are familiar to construction workers, but may have the allure of benefits construction work can’t typically provide. Work on a salary increase to bring these folks back, or provide advanced training in the construction industry. Seeing a more defined career path in construction work might compel them to return to the field.

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