Why Are There So Many Unfilled Jobs in the Construction Industry?


Construction Staffing

Construction labor in the coming years will see difficulty in filling new positions. Since the recession, it’s been difficult to train and maintain talented construction workers. Here’s a look at why unemployment is so low, yet there are so many unfilled construction jobs.

Skill Level

The average applicant doesn’t have the matching skills the desired job requires. There are people that are interested in filling these positions, but they just don’t have the experience necessary. Construction work requires hands-on work at the site, which many candidates lack. With safety being a foreman’s priority, it’s difficult to justify an inexperienced hire.

Disconnect in Wages

Many of the jobs that are experiencing a shortage of workers are not compensating appropriately. In-demand employees should be met with a wage that meets industry demand. When you find a qualified candidate, make sure you can pay a wage that will ensure retention. The last thing you want to do is start the hiring process over again because you weren’t able to stay competitive.

Necessary Training

There is an existing gap between jobs offered and eligible employees due to a lack of education and training. Many valuable construction jobs require more than a high school diploma, but not necessarily a bachelor’s degree. Specific training and embracing technology is essential to creating a new generation of savvy construction workers ready to perform on the job.

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