What Are the Highest Paying Construction Jobs?


CCS Construction Staffing

If the construction industry is calling to you, you may want to ensure your investment is worth it. Whether you’re planning your potential career, or looking to switch gears after a decade of labor experience, we have the information for you. Think about your strengths, because the top-paying positions involve working well with others and some serious leadership ability. This industry is a tough one, but can definitely be rewarding. Some top paying construction jobs include:

Construction Site Manager

Looking for a position that allows you to use your construction experience as well as your supervisory experience? Consider a career as a site manager. If you know how to direct people effectively, you can be a great addition to any site in need of guidance. Construction site managers make anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000 in salary depending on the company and the nature of the work.

Line Supervisor

Becoming a line supervisor allows you to perform manage the more skilled employees that may be present on a job site, like an electrician or a plumber. This career involves advising professionals, managing personnel and juggling schedules of the workers on site. As a line supervisor, an average salary may be $50,000 to $80,000.

Cost Estimator

Looking to be a little more hands-off? A cost estimator generally doesn’t work on the construction site, but can obtain a high salary in the construction agency ($60,000-$100,000). Cost estimators need to determine the cost of materials and calculate the cost of a job to ensure appropriate contracts. Analyzing mathematical figures and attention to detail are both essential skills.

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