How to Reduce Turnover by Hourly Workers


Construction Staffing

It can be difficult to find the right people for your work in the construction industry. Hiring great workers is only half the battle – the other half is retaining them. Keeping quality staff on your team is essential to productivity, as well as cultivating a positive reputation. You want to hire and train top-notch professionals who are loyal to you. Follow our tips to keep them around.

Show Appreciation

When your employee knocks it out of the park, tell them. Everybody wants to feel appreciated, and it’s the number-one way to keep your people on board. If you care about the people you hire and train them well, they’ll be a great professional team to work with. And if you spend time giving positive feedback and paying attention to their ideas, they are likely to stay by your side in the professional world.

Create a Desirable Environment

The most desirable environment is one with a very comfortable wage. If you can’t afford to increase the pay of your hourly workers, consider what other accommodations you might be able to make. Set up a regular happy hour, or other gatherings that can bring your people together and foster a positive vibe. Be open to alternative solutions and new ideas, even for your hourly workers. Above all, make sure they feel like part of the team.

Reward Hard Work

Hourly workers may not seem to treat your team with justice. Create an incentive program so that laborers can monitor their jobs and track their improvement. Pick up on patterns, and make sure your employees feel competent in their work. You want them to have all of the skills and tools they need to succeed. This will help hourly workers develop professionally, and allows for career growth.

It’s far cheaper to keep the employees you have than to hire new ones, so it’s essential to retain your best people, especially in the construction industry. For more tips on how to hire for keeps and bring top workers into your network, contact CCS Construction Staffing today.

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