How to Write Job Postings that Will Attract Top Construction Workers


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All job postings that draw in terrific candidates have one thing in common – they are direct. Grab attention by advertising exactly what you’re looking for. Read on to find out what to write, and how to create the perfect posting to reach your intended audience.


Be descriptive about what skills you’re looking for in a worker. Narrow down what traits you need in a new hire to streamline the pool of candidates and make the hiring process more efficient. Rather than writing a posting reeling in someone with “a strong work ethic,” call for a specific machinery license. Write for what you need, not what you want.

Simplify the Process

If your ideal hire is out there, the last thing you want is them getting frustrated with a lengthy and repetitive application process. Nobody wants to spend hours to type out their resume over and over again, and streamlining your process shows applicants you mean business.

Put the Job on Display

Show applicants what a day at your job looks like. Highlight the best features of your company or the job at hand, and paint a picture with your description. Explain what the job is like, so they can envision themselves on the site. Hopefully they can picture it as a perfect fit!

Ask for References

Construction is dangerous and serious work. You want to know you’re bringing in a team member who can be reliable and ready for this caliber of work. You need to know that they can be safe, efficient and responsible. The last thing you want is someone showing up late to your site or haphazardly handling equipment.

A job description with focus and life will bring in many people equipped for your site, and hopefully the most difficult part will be choosing among them. Want to read more ways to ensure you’ve got the best possible construction team? Check out the resources at CCS Construction Staffing today.

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