To Excel as a Leader, You Must Start with Leading Yourself


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Sometimes it can feel insurmountable to get your team organized and on the same page, and it can be easy to blame others. Your team can’t succeed without proper leadership. Step up and be self-aware of the barriers you may be creating between you and your staff. It’s time for you to take the reins and steer your company in the right direction.

Take Responsibility

Own up to your performance, internally and publically. If you haven’t been pulling your weight, or mistakes are occurring on your watch, reflect. Think about how you can be better, and how that will motivate your team. Your employees want to see you being strong, but they also want you to be honest and realistic. If performance is not where you want it to be, lead by example and raise the bar.

Be Positive

If pessimism is pervasive at work, it’s going to affect productivity. Show dedication not only through hard work but also through showing up every day and making the best of the resources you have. Help others to see your vision of success by promoting a positive energy, and fostering an optimistic work environment.

Listen to Your People

You have a network of colleagues that surround you – take advantage of this. Don’t forget when you’re in a rut that you have people that can inspire you and remind you of what you are meant to do. Listen to your peers and subordinates; you never know what innovations may be right under your nose!

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