Why Good Leaders Must Stay Connected with Their Employees


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As a boss, it can be easy to put your head down and get lost in your responsibilities, but at the same time, you want to keep tabs on your people. Workers are often more disconnected from their office culture than their supervisors may be aware of. Below is advice on how to reach your team, and why it’s important.

Open Communication

Over 90 percent of employees feel negatively about that corporate environment. Be part of the 10 percent by creating an open dialogue. Your staff wants to feel comfortable and appreciated, so take steps to hear them out. Hold one-on-one meetings with the people that report to you, or cultivate brainstorming sessions so everyone feels like they are being heard.

A Productive Team

A good leader should be aware of how their workers are feeling, to ensure that you’ve got a productive staff. A team that is content is industrious, and all of the best workplaces have a strong team connection. Working together to solve problems at work is a great way to get the job done while boosting morale and  making your employees feel appreciated.

Positivity Starts at the Top

Setting an example for staff is essential. They need to look to you in times of crisis or change, and know that you can handle the situation while keeping  a cool head. If you want a great corporate culture, start with the heads of the organization and work your way down. The ground-level employees will be inspired to commit to your company and succeed as a team. Lead with intention, and the rest will follow.

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