The Truth About Hearing Loss in the Construction Industry


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There’s no denying it, and there’s no getting around it: Construction sites are dangerously loud. Although it’s tempting to minimize the effect that the noise has on workers, we’re here to confront you with some facts. Of course it’s essential to always be safe on site, but it’s understandable that certain aspects of working construction just can’t be avoided. Read ahead to increase your awareness of what goes on and what you can do to stay safe and healthy on the job.

It’s a Fact

Over 90 percent of construction workers are exposed to excessive levels of noise with each day spent on a construction site. There are lots of simple fixes to handle this like earplugs and additional hearing protective devices. OSHA also recommends regular hearing screenings to keep tabs on your health.

Respect the Risk

Older workers often experience more hearing loss, due to a career of dealing with high volume equipment. If you’re a construction industry veteran, know that you’re at a higher risk than the newbies, and need to take extra precaution.

Most Protect Themselves

Seventy-to-eighty percent of construction workers protect their ears in some way, according to studies. Don’t feel the pressure to ignore warnings – protect yourself! Hearing loss cannot be reversed, so don’t decide to be responsible too late in the game. Check out ways you can reduce the risk of hearing loss, such as blocking the noise with barriers or using the quietest equipment available.

Don’t go along with the common misperception that hearing loss is unavoidable. OSHA and other organizations have tons of tips on noise reduction on a construction site. Looking for more information on how to make the most of your construction site? Check out the resources at CCS Construction Staffing. CCS has the tools you need to succeed in an ambitious industry, so feel free to contact us today.


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