Hidden Hazards


Have you ever bumped into another person or had a cart pushed into you? Have you ever been hit by a falling or flying object? These accidents can result in more than bruises! They can cause serious injuries.

How would you like to have a big stack of boxes tumble down on top of you? Of course you wouldn’t, and neither would anyone else. The best way to prevent type of thing, is to avoid stacking materials too high; stack them in such a way that they will not fall. Even if you take time to stack items properly, you can’t depend on everyone else taking the same care. You should make a habit of inspecting the environment for all types of hazards; this can prevent an accident.

A door is another moving object that often strikes people. Most people know what it feels like to approach a door, perhaps with arms full, and have the door open suddenly from the other side. Some have learned the hard way that if a windowless door opens toware you, it’s best to approach it with caution. Never stand in front of such a dor. If you must work in such an area, prop the door open and secure it, or place a sign on the opposite side of the door. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t use a ladder opens toward it unless you can be sure, by locking the door or propping it open, that the door will not be opened. Out of consideration for those who may beon the opposite side, you should not push a door open rapidly or focefully.

People too, can be safety hazards if they do not watch where they are going. While walking, don’t get so engrossed in a conversation that you don’t notice threats to your safety that are right in front of you. When approaching a corner or intersection in a hallway, walk in the center of the hallway insteqd of next to the wall where you cannot see or be seen by tose traveling in other directions. Think abut how this type of accident can be avoided; the next person you bump into could be carrying hot coffee or sharp, or heavy objects

People can also be struck by, and are frequently injured by objects flying out of machinery, such as pieces of wood or metal. Whatever they are, they are likely to be traveling at a high velocity, which increases the liklihood of serious injury. Poper machine guarding is one of the best precautions against these flying objects. Check all of the machinery in your area the be sure that they are properly guarded.

These safety suggestions must be followed by everyone to meey our goal of making the workplace as safe as possible for everyone. We should remember that our actions affect everyone in our department. Let’s work together so everyone can be assured that our workplace is a safe one.

Be responsible, and take safety seriously, everyone around you depends on YOU.

all content from the University of Arkansas

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