How to Reduce Equipment Theft


Construction Staffing

Managing equipment on a worksite can be an overwhelming task. Keeping track of your inventory and being aware of where and how it’s being used is a full-time job. Inventory theft can be costly, and you may be working with machinery that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Stop theft in its tracks with the following tips.

Protect Heavy Machinery

Of course if you’re working with large equipment, you have little choice other than leaving it where it is from night to night. A thief may have his eye on your machinery if it’s unprotected, but likely will pass it by if there are any security measures involved. Review how well you’re protecting it each evening when you leave the site. Lock it up if you can, or involve some heavy cables or chains. If you have to leave equipment where it is, anchor it. Avoid combination locks or basic padlocks, which are too basic to prove effective in deterring criminals.

Enforce Your Site

Think about what would deter someone from stealing, and make it happen. Floodlights or other sources of bright light and visible signage are great tools to start. Depending on how vulnerable your site is, also consider extra gates and enhanced fencing. Stop at your local hardware supplier and seek out innovative protective solutions. Investing is security is worth it when you’re working with expensive machinery. Managing inventory in the construction industry is essential, especially when one inventory error could mean a serious halt on the project at hand.

Set High Standards for Your Workers

The best project managers maintain high expectations for their staff. Hire trustworthy people that you feel comfortable with. Expect that they will not share keys or combinations with anyone, and emphasize the consequences of these actions. Giving out information that leads to a theft is a huge oversight, and these people have no place in an efficient workspace. If it works for your site, create a system where rather than giving out keys, keys to heavy machinery or important equipment itself must be signed in and out upon use.

Always hire trustworthy people, and keep track of who has access to what on the site. Having trouble finding the right people to keep your project moving? Look no further than CCS Construction Staffing. Solid hires are just around the corner, so visit our website for a request for manpower or other helpful tips on how to make your project successful.

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