What To Do When You Don’t Receive Payment


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It happens to everyone: you do a great job, provide fine service, and for whatever reason, the payment never comes. You’ve executed a project exactly how it was outlined, and yet you’re being shorted, or they’re dodging any kind of payment at all. Someone owes you money, and you’re stuck dealing with their voice mailbox, or all the excuses in the book. How do you put your foot down and get the money you deserve? We’ve got some options for you.

Consider the Client

Who are you working with? Is it a large public entity that’s likely to pay, eventually? Or is it a small private company that seems to have vanished entirely? It may be easier to get your money back when dealing with a big public organization, but the private sector may require a more forceful push.

Keep Accurate Records

Start by knowing exactly what you’re owed and what the contract said. It’s hard to make accusations of how much someone owes you if you don’t know the numbers. Go to the client with precise documentation of how much they owe you, so there’s no miscommunication.

Think Legal

Consider a lawyer if you feel it’s needed. A lawsuit should be a last resort, as there are many other options and the debt may not be worth the cost of a fight. Lawyers are expensive and can make the process a lot longer, with no guaranteed results. Mediation may also be an option, but you are still paying someone else to get you your money back. Know your situation and be honest with yourself about what might be the best way to get you the results you’re looking for.

Stay Cool

Try to avoid a negative attitude or an aggressive confrontation. Chances are, this will irritate the other party and you’ll be less likely to see your money. Work with them to get your money back. Listen to them plead their case, and think about a payment plan, charging interest, or creating an extended deadline. Your lenience may encourage new clients and boost your reputation.

Developing a positive reputation in the construction industry is the best tool you have in your belt, in addition to having solid workers. Need assistance? Look no further than CCS Construction Staffing. We’ve got the manpower you need on site, and the information to carry out a successful project, all on our website.

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