Can Social Media Prevent Accidents On The Job?


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One of the foremost innovations of our world is social media. We can connect with others across the globe in an instant, and acquire tons of information at a fast pace. So we as professionals must ask ourselves – how can we use this to our advantage? How do we make social media work for our company and our people?

One way is to use social media as a tool to promote safety on construction sites. How? By taking information you already have, or finding it on social media outlets, and passing it along. Social media can raise awareness to potential work site hazards

Use Social Media with Your Staff

Consider texting or tweeting safety messages to your workers. Connecting them with pertinent info at a fast pace can be a great way to keep up awareness. Shooting off a quick message about site safety or a recent incident can open their eyes to the everyday dangers they face, and that note from you will serve as a reminder to stay safe on the site. If you take to twitter, you can also make your messages public to increase awareness of accidents on a broader scale.

Post Articles that Matter

Using your company’s social media sites to spread the news about recent construction stories or industry updates. If you see a report of misused equipment, report it. Create a reputation for your brand that represents awareness and safe execution. Make use of all business-related resources: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. A barrage of hazard info from your company across multiple mediums will help your brand, and will associate your company with positive, responsible behavior on site.

Publicize Safety Issues

Share footage of safety mistakes with your workers, and have them spread the word. Encourage them to know what regulations are and what it looks like when someone doesn’t abide by them. Spreading the word about safe construction, and the consequences of shortcuts. Too often there are posts about accidents on site that could have been prevented with more caution or information. Know what needs to happen to prevent an incident.

Of course when publicizing safety information, you’ll have to ensure you’re following OSHA standards to stay compliant. Cultivating a professional standard for safety can grow your business leaps and bounds, something CCS Construction Staffing knows well. Contact our professionals today for more information.

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