Ready for a Promotion? Here’s How to Get It!


Working in construction can be physically difficult and unpredictable. Knowing you’ve got a full career ahead of you is essential to dedicating yourself to your work. When you’ve got the ability and you’ve proven your skills, you know it’s time to be recognized. If you’re ready for a new challenge, take a look at these tips to get a promotion in the construction industry.

Look Outside

Think about how you got to where you are. Was it through experience, classes, or training? Know what practical advancements you need to make in order to move up, and get a jump on them. If you know your desired position requires new skills, obtain them! Take a look at local training centers or colleges to show your capability as well as dedication to growing as a construction professional.

Look at Your Company

Take a look at your co-workers and supervisors. Be observant, and notice where you can be the one to pick up the slack. Also be conscious of who it is you’re working for. You might run into a situation where you’ve reached your peak within that organization and should consider other employment, if there are no opportunities to advance. If you’re a professional looking to grow, you need to be a part of a company with upward mobility and learning experiences.

Look at Yourself

Make sure you’re ready for an additional workload. It might be beneficial for you to ask for additional tasks, or seek out that one job that nobody wants to do. Show the company you are willing to do the tough tasks, and that you intend to work hard long term. You may want more money or authority, but see that you have the skills to move up and the qualities a supervisor looks for when considering upward movement. Proving yourself on the site and showing initiative with a great attitude will make you stand out among your peers.

Look at Your Supervisor

Part of the promotion-seeking process is having a strong relationship with your boss. Notice any standout qualities they may possess, and think about how you can be an asset. Talk with your supervisor about your career goals and where you’d like to be. They may have something in mind, create an opportunity, or be willing to act as a mentor to guide you on your path.

The most important part of preparing for a potential promotion is getting your name out there and being ready for what comes your way. Apply to all relevant postings, show your great work ethic, and hopefully you’ll be able to display your talents in a new way. CCS Construction Staffing has more insight available for any and all questions on how to be successful in the construction world. Contact the professionals at CCS Construction Staffing today for more info!

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