How to Elevate Your Electricians to Protect Your Business from the Electrician Shortage


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Talented electricians are a rare find in the modern construction world. With a diminishing pool of incomers and a retiring baby boomer force, there’s a scarcity of skill. This shortage of electricians is a problem in the field, and they are essential to most projects. It’s easier to retain the good workers you have than it is to find new ones.

As with any good staff member, it’s important to acknowledge their worth and demonstrate appreciation, or else you’re risking turnover and a search for new employees.

What makes – and keeps – a good electrician happy?

Understanding their needs.

Know who your people are and how you can maximize their skills. Take time to get input from them and be attentive to their questions and ideas. Ask them what their day looks like, or what they think could potentially be improved upon. They may have insights that could make their work more efficient and save you time and money. Avoid tight deadlines and overloading them with projects- we know there’s a lot to get done, but it’s worth the wait to give them time to do their work and do it correctly.

Providing opportunities.

Allow for apprenticeship programs. This will give experienced electricians a chance to demonstrate their skills and show leadership, and also exposes trainees to quality programs that will bring in more skilled workers to the table, decreasing the pressure on the advanced workers. Continuing education for the pros also can bolster company pride and keep your quality electricians close. Offer weekly classes to update workers on the newest insights in the field. With constant new strides in electrical tech, advanced workers should be updated in all of the latest products and techniques that can be used on site.

Investing in your people.

Consider the variety of options that allow an electrician to feel more valued at your organization. Pay them more, or offer additional benefits and options. Skilled workers are looking for better hours and more flexible schedules, and they also want to be able to work while they train. Define clear advancement paths for electricians so they know that they have long-term goals for their career with you, and what steps to take to move up.

Above all else, make them feel at home. Telling someone that their job was well done or taking the time to appreciate the work they did on a project is often one of the largest ways to encourage company loyalty. Contact CCS Construction Staffing for more insight on how to protect your company from an electrician shortage.

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