How to Avoid the Most Common Construction Accidents


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Injuries, accidents and fatalities are an unfortunate reality in the construction industry. As a result your company can face additional problems such as OSHA citations and lawsuits. The good news is that the most common mishaps are the easiest to prevent. They are listed below along with training tips, steps and precautions your firm can put in place for the employees and subcontractors.


The potential for electrical-related accidents increases when workers are exposed to live power lines, use flexion and extension cables improperly or come into contact with defective equipment. Here are a few safety measures:

  • Make sure electrical cords, cables and tools work properly.
  • Inform the subcontractors to keep a safe distance away from power lines.
  • Place fixtures, faceplates and canopies on conductors, circuits and other electrical parts.


Injuries and deaths on construction sites are most often due to falls. Whether workers fall off ladders or slip through floorboards, these mishaps are preventable with the following tips:

  • Install guards, hand rails, safety harnesses and safety nets in the appropriate locations.
  • Cover up holes or gaps in the floor with toe boards.
  • Have toe boards or guard rails around runways, floors, and open-sided platforms.

Hazard Exposure

Distractions and poor spatial awareness place laborers in dangerous situations. For example, they can get lodged between objects. Also, machinery left unguarded or uncovered is an open invitation for disaster. Here are the steps you can take in this scenario:

  • Train the crew on the proper usage and dangers of heavy machinery.
  • Put guards on moving parts of equipment and power tools.
  • Show them how to prevent scaffolding structures and platforms from collapsing.

Hit by Falling Objects

Workers suffer injuries from falling, swinging and flying objects. The following suggestions are practical ways of getting around this hazard:

  • Encourage the construction team to always wear protective gear such as eye goggles and hard hats.
  • Make sure materials are secured when stored away, especially those on overhead work stations.
  • Ensure elevated platforms are rigged properly to secure materials.

Following the best safety practices is crucial to your company’s success. In order to stay on top of the game, CCS Construction Staffing can staff your company with safety-conscious workers. In addition, we offer on-site OSHA instruction training. Contact us now and let us help you provide a safer work site.

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