3 Tips for Surviving the Construction Industry Talent Shortage


Construction Staffing

The talent shortage in the construction industry is real, and it has gotten worse. There simply aren’t enough skilled and unskilled laborers for the increasing number of projects. One reason for this gap in the talent pool is the baby boomer effect. As these seasoned professionals retire, they take with them valuable skills, expertise and knowledge which leaves a void in the job market that isn’t being filled by millennials or Generation X. Although this makes meeting your staffing needs more challenging, there are steps your company can take to stay ahead of this employment trend.

Go Green


“Green jobs” appeal to younger workers because their generation is more environmentally conscious. The following are suggestions that can position your firm as an attractive career option for workers seeking employment with a “socially responsible” company.

  • Develop a green or eco-friendly construction strategy.
  • Offer training in areas such as Energy Modeling.
  • Provide LEED certification.

Promote Skilled Trade Jobs


The most notable shortages are with skilled positions such as mill workers, carpenters, electricians, boil makers and HVAC technicians. One of the most effective strategies is to reach out to high school and college students by partnering with local educational institutions. Raise awareness about the vast employment opportunities by sharing the following information with students and their parents:

  • Explain that many high demand, high-paying skilled trades only require a two-year degree or certification. Individuals seeking a fast track into a new career will like this option.
  • Emphasize internships and apprenticeships as an alternative for entrance into the workforce.
  • Let them know that 60 percent of jobs in the future will only require two years of education beyond high school.

Think Outside the Box


Now more than ever, the construction industry must step outside of its comfort zone. A proactive approach is required to offset workforce shortages. Here are additional actions that are worth a try:

  • Attract and keep a multigenerational staff with part-time and flex-time positions.
  • Show your company is socially responsible by supporting non-profit organizations.
  • Enlist the help of local and federal government to legally supplement the industry with guest workers.

If your company is experiencing a talent shortage, let CCS Construction Staffing develop a customized staffing solution. Whether you need long-and short-term workers, temp-to-hire staff or direct-hire placement we have you covered. Contact us today and we’ll recruit the best candidates for your current and future projects.

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