Tips for Managing and Sticking to Your Project’s Budget


Construction Staffing

With the construction industry reaching new heights in 2016, construction firms could see a surge in opportunities. Even then, bids are not always taken and work is never a guarantee, so businesses have to be able to survive the highs and lows with a strong budget strategy.

If you aren’t already analyzing past, present and potential expenses, take the time now to hammer that out. Even if numbers aren’t your things, you must get a handle on your financial flow, or hire someone who can and will explain it to you at length. At CCS Construction Staffing, we’ve helped understand the importance of budgets and strategies that keep construction business steady. Here are a few tips for managing and sticking to your project’s budget.

Visit the construction site as you write your bid.

When you arrive on the scene for the first time, you’ll get a better idea of the equipment you need for this project. Additional costs can be prevented if you identify any potential issues that may arise on the site before you complete your estimates.

Research material costs – big and small.

Construction managers can save a big when they take the time to research pricing options for materials. Regardless of the project, there are some supplies you know you’ll go through quickly, so try to find those materials in bulk. For expensive equipment, you can find steep discounts on one-year-old tools, but be sure to keep your current stock tuned-up and well-maintained.

Partner with a staffing firm.

Foremen and jobsite managers know that staffing firms give you a talent pipeline with employees ready to work right away. they can also provide administrative and payroll services. By taking over these admin tasks, managers can focus on big pictures business issues, like increasing your business.

Offer higher entry-level wages.

When it comes to building a loyal workforce, both temporary and permanent, consider offering a higher rate for entry level workers. Your specialty workers will always require competitive rates, but offering higher wages means you can be more selective, and have higher expectations, about your laborers, too.

Every construction firm faces surprise expenses every once in a while, but you can be prepared. Equipment and employment are two of the biggest budget items, especially for small construction firms. Partnering with CCS Construction Staffing adds more focus to the staffing needs specific to your industry, giving you the tools you need to build a stronger business. Give us a call today!

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