5 Ways to be a Successful Leader in Construction: A Lesson From Execs


Construction Executive

For construction employees who are called to lead, a job site is never about a paycheck; it goes much further than that. Skilled tradesmen who emerge into leadership positions, especially in commercial construction projects, are driven to create high quality workmanship, facilitate timely production or develop a satisfying job site environment. As leaders, we must inspire our employees, both temporary and permanent, to be as driven in their roles as we are in ours.

First, as a leader, whether you’re already there or looking to change careers, you have to understand how to balance work, clients and projects. At CCS Construction Staffing, we’ve helped hundreds of foreman, shift leaders, project managers and construction firm owners develop the strategies necessary to be strong leaders in the construction industry.

Top 5 Successful Leadership Strategies for Construction (from successful leaders!)

Understand your staff’s strengths and weaknesses.

By understanding your crew’s individual strengths and weaknesses, you can predict how a project will progress. Strong construction executives say leaders pay attention to what their employees need to be productive. They assign foremen and managers tasks that play to their strengths and support the places where their crews are challenged. Creating flexible schedules, providing on-the-job training and empowering authority are all ways to build a productive workforce.

Avoid burnout by diversifying responsibilities and routines

Many construction workers find themselves doing similar tasks over and over, which makes them experts in their area, but can be a huge blow to morale, job satisfaction and productivity (all things that contribute to high turnover). By giving your day laborers different opportunities, you explore skills that many may never thought they could do. You’ll inspire them to achieve more, giving them reasons to be more satisfied with their positions. Remember, happier employees are more engaged in their work.

Make safety a priority every day

Accidents happen in any workplace, but construction sites have an elevated risk (you don’t need us to tell you that). When you prioritize safety, you convey to employees that their well-being is important. Give your crew what they need to be safe, and help them make safety a priority in their own areas. Studies have shown time and time again that when employers make safety a priority, employees do, too. Construction executives look for leaders who take the time to hold regular safety meetings, hang information so it’s clearly visible and make sure safety manuals are easily accessible.

Communicate openly and often with your staff

Many construction executives claim that employee feedback is a valuable tool to measure your success as a leader. Conduct consistent performance reviews and keep an open door policy that allows you to respond promptly to your staff’s issues. Don’t forget to include temporary workers. They’ve worked for the competition, so view them as a resource for innovative thinking. Ask your temporary employees for feedback on workplace productivity and find out what you’re doing – or are NOT doing – that outs your company higher than the rest.

Are you looking for new strategies to motivate your construction crew? Do you want to build the skills that will propel you higher up the chain of command? CCS Construction Staffing can address your staffing needs with temporary workers for high volume construction projects or new talent to support a high turnover area. Contact us today and together we’ll develop workforce solutions to meet your changing needs.

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