How to Get Fired From Your Temporary Construction Job


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As a construction temp, you have already showed your competency – a recruiter placed you, after all. But if you want to maintain that relationship or secure a permanent career, you have to stay on top. From your first day, your coworkers will be forming opinions about your talent, ability and work ethic … everything that shapes your reputation for the foreseeable future. So, every day, and most importantly on day one, it’s critical to make an effort to secure good impressions, and avoid habits that create negative impressions. As a temporary worker you are going to be scrutinized more thoroughly than others, so here are a few things you be sure to NOT to do each day.


Now, don’t go overboard with a plastic smile every single day, but a negative attitude constantly can quickly cause headaches for your coworkers and managers. They don’t have the time or patience to listen to you complain, whine or gossip, and they certainly don’t want that negativity to impact the productivity of the rest of the workers.

Not being a team player:

When you’re a temporary employee, you have to balance proactivity with fair treatment. If your foreman hands you a broom and a dustpan, the right response isn’t to shake your head and cross your arms. The best thing to do, the thing that helps you keep your sanity and your job, would be to ask what needs cleaning up, who is usually responsible and then respectfully take care of the issue. If it becomes a habit you might need to make the effort to straighten out job descriptions, but most of the time it’s no trouble to pitch in and do what needs doing. If you refuse to help, you’re showing that you aren’t a team player, and construction sites need cooperation in order to be effective, efficient and productive.

Habitual lateness:

Coming to work even five minutes late on more than one occasion can be a huge red flag. Habitual tardiness day is a serious problem few employers will tolerate. It says that you don’t care about your job and don’t respect your coworkers’ time. It conveys that something more important is happening than being at work on time, an impression that makes it easy to let people go.

Loose safety standards:

Safety is essential on the job site, and not just because you want to keep your arms, legs and back healthy. Your employer cares about safety, and when hazards happen, work can slow or even stop entirely. Getting docked for accidents and injuries on the work site too many times can not only cost you your job, but others, as well. Violating a safety rule is a quick way to get axed. Make safety a priority from day one if you want to keep your job.

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