Why Being Transparent is so Important


Construction Staffing

Transparency builds trust; that’s especially true on a construction site. When you’re working on a new building, you can’t take shortcuts – people’s lives would be at risk now and for years to come. When you operate a construction firm with transparency, your workers are more invested and your brand reputation soars. Being open with your clients is just as important as with permanent workers and temporary employees. Transparency translates into boosted profits and a positive reputation.

Now that you know the benefits, you may be asking what, exactly, is transparency? Usually the word conveys openness about sharing information, be it good or bad, and fostering an effective system of communication. But, for a construction company, transparency means this and more. Transparency can make or break your reputation, building trust with your clients that helps them feel at ease knowing you’re on the job. Ethical business practices are the cornerstone for transparency. Being an ethical construction business isn’t just about the clients; it’s also about the employees

Customers benefit from transparency because they know what to expect; but, construction workers benefit from transparency as well. Being aware of the motivations behind decisions, procedures and policies enhances job security, motivates high-quality work, promotes strong safety practices and limits the risk of misconduct.

Ready to take your transparency to the next level? Here are some tips from CCS Construction Staffing’s experienced recruiters!

Be clear about value

When you value your construction employees, they become more invested in their work. They value working for your company. When you emphasize transparency, you keep them informed of the value of their work, the project and the company. When you include them in this knowledge, and even ask for input, your permanent employees, skilled laborers and temporary workers will be more productive, working hard to keep the construction project moving forward.

Be honest and upfront

When construction managers are honest about the inner and outer workings of a company and a construction project, the employees feel at ease. In an honest and upfront work environment stress shrinks. Dishonesty about time worked and progress reduces, while safety practices jump up. Co-workers tend to discuss their conflicts instead of butting heads, because honest communication is not just allowed, it’s encouraged.

Be an accountable leader

Instead of turning your heads when issues arise, accountable leaders step up to the plate. They aren’t afraid for subordinates to witness them tackle challenges – even when they might not succeed. Accountable leaders don’t place blame on others, and don’t deny when they may have contributed to a miscommunication. Transparency gives your employees an accurate view of any risks in the project or company, and how management intends on solving them.

Reward and inspire loyalty

When done right, one of the most rewarding outcomes of transparency is loyalty. You demonstrate that you respect the needs of your crew and your customers. Transparency can inspire the best carpenters to work harder, high-quality temp workers to keep coming around and the most sought-after technicians to choose your project first. Transparency reduces turnover and boosts morale – when you’re the best place to work, you get the best workers.

Making transparency a core value in your construction firm has a significant impact on your business. You can reduce the risk of fines that come with OSHA violations, boost your reputation as a straight-shooter with clients and create a workforce that is loyal and hard working. Ready to give it a try? Connect with CCS Construction Staffing. We develop creative workforce solutions for each specific client we work with, helping to grow your business in staffing and beyond.

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