Can You Spot a Top Performer?


CCS Construction Staffing

Any construction business owner will tell you – job responsibilities, for both temporary workers and permanent employees, are far more complex with new technology and innovations in building materials. Your top performers need to have the the skills to work this high-tech equipment and the knowledge to adapt when new ones roll in. In order to be a top performer now and in the future, construction workers must have strong communication skills, experience working with diverse teams and be able to manage new equipment, technology and techniques.


Your construction crew needs to have the skills that will boost your company’s bottom line. High performers often keep other workers productive, which means their skills can influence the progress of the entire job. When looking to identify the qualities high performers need, CCS Construction Staffing recommends candidates that encompass these essential skills:


  • Teamwork

Every job site has layers, and being able to collaborate well with the temporary construction laborer and the skilled tradesman is essential to boosting productivity. Cohesive teamwork helps generate higher-quality results, creates safer work environments, and keeps other workers organized and on time.


  • Communication

On many job sites, workers of all experiences intermingle. Heavy equipment operators are no longer isolated on a crane and HVAC technicians work alongside carpenters. You need a candidate who will be able to communicate with people in different positions, with diverse backgrounds. Communication will also help your company improve its employee retention and boost its bottom line.


  • Multitasking

These days both temporary and permanent construction employees must wear many hats, not just hard hats. A foreman with strong soft skills can inspire and support the crew to step up when another employee gets sick or an area starts falling behind. Top performers are effective multitaskers and are expected to think quickly and critically, staying organized and managing time effectively; this is especially helpful on job sites where safety needs improvement.


  • Adaptability

The only constant in today’s construction workforce is change. Technology changes, strategies change and the economy changes. Just a few years ago, construction work was hard to find, and now the vacancies are hard to fill. Employees must be able to handle all of these changes with ease and assurance. Top performers are able to demonstrate that they can think on their feet, assess problems and develop solutions in potentially chaotic moments.


  • Organization

Whether you’re hiring a roofer or a siding professional, you need to seek out a candidate who will keep their workspace organized. Think about the valuable time that could be wasted looking for files or tools – how much does it all add up to? Being more organized helps save time and money.


Are you looking for new employees that can grow into top performers? Maybe you’ve got a gap in skills and performance and need to add to your crew, even only temporarily. At CCS Construction Staffing, we have matched talented candidates in both temporary settings and permanent construction positions. Contact us today and we can connect you with a workforce ready to help your business succeed.

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