Should You Hire an Electrician Who is Not Personable?


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On a busy construction site, anyone can be a candidate for a job opening, but we know it takes more than just anyone to make sure the job gets done. This is especially true for skilled tradesmen with essential tasks that can impact other workers’ progress and the construction project as a whole – like electricians. When you find an employee whose abilities perfectly match your needs, with a personality that smooths the gaps with your other employees, it’s like a match made in heaven.


However, not all employers are lucky enough to find a perfect fit for every electrician need. You find one with every certification imaginable, but lacks the ability to get along with those that work in close proximity. Or, your new electrician is super fast at installing circuit breakers and fuses, but doesn’t clean up his area or assist with the guys coming in after. You don’t need just your sales representatives to be personable and friendly – this is a quality needed in most, if not all of your employees, especially electricians.


3 Reasons to Hire for Personality


Transferrable Skills Improve Overall Productivity

You’re interviewing an electrician whose experience lies more in maintenance than construction, but he excels at motivating co-workers and organizing workflow to move more efficiently. Though his direct experience might fall short, he might be the fresh perspective you’ve been waiting for. A personable electrician has the kind of personality that people want to work around, which makes him a good fit for a team that’s lacking in morale.


Good Work Ethic is Contagious

Employee motivation and morale is always a challenge, especially on a job site that has faced recent safety issues. Even when all the gears are moving smoothly, there can be a day laborer or two who fall behind. Hiring an electrician with a personable character and good work ethic can motivate and inspire your whole crew to work harder, just by being himself. These high-energy workers, permanent or temporary, tend to fuel the whole crew and give everyone a boost in enthusiasm for the job and the company.


Teamwork is Crucial

You can’t play referee on construction jobs. There is no time for those kinds of distractions and drama when you’ve got a grocery store that needs to be completed in the next two months.  Hiring an electrician who is experienced and personable will create the kind of teamwork that makes the job move faster without sacrificing quality.


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