Will a Certification Help You Get a Management Position?


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When you apply for the job opportunity of a lifetime, do you want to have the minimum qualifications or the preferred qualifications? If you want to stand out from the other applicants, then you’ll want both the experience and knowledge that the other applicants lack. That means while you may not need additional certification, it would certainly boost your potential.


When you don’t have challenges in your job, you can grow bored, or unmotivated; habits that never make the list of an employer’s top management qualities. However, if you feel like the lack of challenge is sinking your job satisfaction, it could be a sign that you are ready for something more, a sign that it is time for you to move up and take on greater responsibility on the job site.


If you’re ready to take on management challenges, getting additional training or certifications can help you add credibility to your role as a leader. Check out these five areas ways a certification shows your boss you’re the top choice for construction management.


You will go the extra mile

If you want the foreman or the job site manager to see you as promotion material, you’ll need to show them that you take leadership seriously. Getting a Certified Construction Manager certificate will only boost the skills and reputation you’ve built on the site. In addition, be sure to come in early and get a head start on the day. Tell your boss you feel ready to take on greater responsibility and to add new tasks to your regular job duties. Most importantly, don’t just sit there and wait for change; be the catalyst.


You can communicate up, down and across all levels

Getting a certification shows you can balance and juggle a lot of duties. It also shows that you can communicate effectively with people in all of these roles. By enhancing your communication skills, you can convey important information to those in positions below you, next to you and above you. A certification doesn’t just add knowledge, it will add experience to your resume, the kind of experience and influence that can open doors to management roles.


Training takes management skills in and of itself

Getting a certification shows you can juggle a lot of duties, especially if you earn an associate or bachelor’s degree. In order to move into management, you need to show you can manage both projects and people, and a degree does just that. Showing you can succeed in a two- or four-year training program — like construction science, construction management, architecture, or engineering — shows you’re ready for the responsibilities that come in a permanent supervisory spot.


You can solve complex problems with proven solutions

A certificate shows that you can think critically and are a strong problem solver. When equipment shuts down unexpectedly, a manager has to be the one to step up. When interpersonal issues arise, management, no matter the department, will always have to mitigate. Management means more than just assigning projects; it means paying attention to the moving parts of the whole project and making sure the job is completed on time and of the highest quality.


If you feel stagnant in your role as a skilled tradesman or a construction laborer, don’t act like it. Channel those thoughts into motivation for a leadership role. This is the perfect time to create opportunities for yourself, with or without a certification. Unsure how or where to start? Let the experienced recruiters at CCS Construction Staffing help. We have placed job seekers just like you in management roles that have not only changed their professions, but have also changed their lives! Give us a call today!

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