How to Thicken Your Skin


Construction Staffing

Construction is hard work, period. No matter what your role or job title may be, working in construction can test your mental and physical strength, endurance and fortitude. Not to mention your ability to work with others, operate extremely technical equipment and think quickly on your feet).

There’s no doubt about it – you have to have thick skin to work in the construction industry. If you’re still learning how to handle some of the stress of the job, here are a few ways to toughen up and develop a thicker skin.

Be positive

Everyone experiences stress on the job, from interpersonal issues to high volume workloads. But don’t let that affect your attitude. Be positive and confident, and show enthusiasm for the job. When you’re a manager or a supervisor, it’s this positive attitude that will inspire and anchor other workers during trying times.

Don’t take things personally

When another has a complaint or a frustration, don’t take it personally. Remember, it’s not a critique on who you are as an individual, or even as a professional, but rather, how this particular situation played out. When employees lash out at you because you own the business or supervise the crews, remember they are frustrated with their own jobs, not yours. When you realize that stress at work doesn’t actually have anything to do with you, it’s easier to deflect the negatives and uplift you crew’s morale.

Learn from your mistakes

Don’t be a blame thrower or a mistake denier, just accept that you didn’t do your best work and start trying to understand why. What led you to this mistake? Was it poor planning? Were you in a rush and forgot a step? Take these situations as opportunities to grow your skin a little thicker by understanding how you could have performed better. Recognize the circumstances that hold you back and figure out how to work through them.

Create your own definition of success

Align your goals with the company’s, but define your own path to success. Maybe you own the construction firm or maybe you’re one of the foremen, either way you have to know what you need to success and commit to making it happen. At the end of the day, what makes you proud doesn’t have to be what makes everyone proud. It does, however, need to help increase your confidence so your skin grows a little thicker.

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