Tips to Alleviate Stress on the Job


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Working under stressful conditions can take a serious emotional and physical toll, especially in the construction industry. There is an amount of stress that you can expect, like cutting projects close to the deadline or working on a crew that’s a man or two too short. However, other preventable, yet more serious situations, like hazardous working conditions or unstable employment, can amplify anxiety and stress to a tipping point.

Yet, for many of us, we keep at it. We keep working our day-to-day, brimming over with stress, feeling like there are no alternatives and no way to stop it. Why can’t we alleviate our own stress?

Researchers at Yale University have uncovered an interesting reason. Their studies revealed that stress temporarily shrinks the amount of grey matter in the part of the brain responsible for self-control. This means that when you’re stressed out, it is more difficult to deal with future stress because your ability to take control is weakened. In other words, when you’re stressed out, you are physically and mentally unable to control it.

However, don’t let the idea of uncontrollable stress stress you out. The recruiters at CCS Construction Staffing have decades of experience dealing with these issues. Here’s their best advice:

Leave the day on time

Stress often comes when employees are working long hours in high-pressure environments. Do you feel like you’re constantly under the thumb of tight deadlines? Are you staying late to get your job, and probably other people’s jobs, done on time? Alleviate some stress by making a commitment to leaving the job site at the end of your shift. Don’t stay late unless it’s absolutely necessary and you’re being adequately compensated. If you’re a permanent, full-time employee, be sure to take vacation time to unwind and sick time off when you aren’t feeling well.

Ask for flexible shifts

If you’re under a lot of stress, sometimes creating a more flexible routine can help. Tell your foreman or supervisor what kinds of hours you need to work to stay at the top of your game. Would it be less stressful for you to work from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., so you can pick your kids up from school? Perhaps you’re a payroll executive or administrative professional looking for remote work options to help you get caught up on paperwork. Bring these concerns up to your boss and offer a solution that benefits you both.

Pursue additional training and certifications

Believe it or not, but sometimes we’re stressed because we lack work that is challenging or meaningful. This is especially true for workers whose day consists of repetitive takes, like working on a job site, plant floor or assembly line. You can reduce your stress by adding some variety to you skill set by taking advantage of opportunities to get additional training, certifications or degrees.

Find your balance

Stress comes when we’re out of balance in our lives. It’s like you’re an engine and one piston isn’t firing in time with the others – the whole engine starts to lag, while simultaneously working harder to do the same amount of work. You need to find your broken piston and decide how to fix it. Sometimes asking a friend or a coworker for advice can help broaden your perspective.

When construction employees feel stressed, they tend to burnout, which often makes them check out of their jobs. While poor job performance is a common sign of stress, an increasingly negative attitude is another. When you feel these physical and emotional signs of stress, it’s hard to shake it off.

But it’s not impossible.

Looking for an employment opportunity, being on the job hunt, can be stressful, too. Remember you don’t have to do it alone. Contact CCS Construction Staffing. We’re here to help you find a career or a temporary position that fits your life and your goals.

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