Getting Buried in Administrative Paperwork? Call a Staffing Agency


CCS Construction Staffing

With the construction industry on the rise, many companies out there who have been struggling are finally landing the clients they want and need. While this is great for your business, it can make workforce decisions more challenging for companies, especially small construction firms who prefer to hire based on projects.

Enter in the staffing firm.

Are you drowning in administrative work? Shouldn’t you be out there, pitching proposals to clients or inspecting your crew’s work? The escalating workload of an increase in business be counteracted by the many advantages of partnering with a staffing firm. Many people think that specialty staffing firms like CCS Construction Staffing can only help with labor employees, but that’s simply not true! Need an extra hand to help with payroll? We’ve got it. Too busy to take care of invoices or purchasing? Staffing agencies can help here, too. Want extra assistance with administrative tasks? We can do that, too. Here’s how:

An HR Department right there when you need it.

A staffing firm can double as your human resources team. Instead of hiring one or several full-time human resource professionals to keep your workforce inline with regulations, bring in a staffing firm. We can find you a candidate whose skills and experience can fit your exact needs.

A talent pipeline ready at a moment’s notice.

Staffing firms have deep wells containing a plethora of candidates with loads of administrative experience in the construction industry. This saves you time and money training new hires to understand administrative tasks directly related to construction firms and your specific clients.

Get the help you need, when you need it.

Perhaps there are administrative tasks that you can handle, but is that really the best use of your time? Administrative tasks can require coding, entering in loads of data, organizing, filing and keeping up with overall operations. Maybe you can keep up with the workload some of the time, but other times you can bring in a staffing agency to help when you need it.

Expedited onboarding and placement.

Anytime you bring in a new employee, the whole workforce needs time to adjust. A staffing firm can help you reduce the stress of that adjustment by preparing everyone for a new employee. In addition, a staffing firm can help shorten the amount of time need to help your new employee adjust. This is especially important with administrative professionals, who have to be knowledgeable about all areas of your construction firm.

CCS Construction Staffing can help.

We provide construction businesses just like yours with our proven staffing solutions: 

Temporary: Need an administrative professional to handle the paperwork for a special project or to tackle payroll while your accountant is on vacation? Our temporary candidates are trained specially for the construction industry, so they come in with the knowledge and skills you need to never miss a beat. 

Temp-to-Hire: As long as the option is available, why not try before you buy? You can test-drive a candidate to see if he or she is the right fit for your team before you permanently commit. 

Direct Hire: Let us take the reins on your candidate search and hiring process. We pre-screen our candidates so we fully understand their knowledge and experience.


Do any of these options sound like the solution to your staffing needs? Grow with CCS Construction Staffing. Give us a call or email today and discover the many ways you can save time and money and boost profits by partnering with one of the leading staffing firms in the construction industry.

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