Four Ways to Get Your Supervisor to Trust You


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Did you recently begin a new job and want to start off on the right foot? One way to make sure the transition is smooth for you, your coworkers and your new managers is to work to gain their trust. Perhaps you’re not starting a new job at all, but need to recover from a mistake or misunderstanding. Either way, the experienced recruiters at CCS Construction Staffing have solid advice for you!

When your supervisors see you as a reliable, trustworthy employee, doors will open and you’ll see more opportunities to move up. Even though those may take a while to appear, you’ll still see immediate benefits! Being on your manager’s good side will help improve your morale, job satisfaction and job performance. Here’s how you can prove to your supervisor you’re a trustworthy employee:

Follow through on the extra mile

If you want the higher ups to trust you, you’ll need to show them, not just tell them that you’re a trustworthy worker. Come in early and take initiative on current or new projects. Tell your boss you are capable of tackling greater responsibilities and ask to help areas of the company that need more support. Most importantly, stick to your word and follow through with your plans. Your supervisors will start to trust your initiative when they see you complete it to the end.

Learn to communicate across all levels

Want to boost your trustworthy image? Become known as the go-to person for passing on information. By enhancing your communication skills, you can play a more substantial role conveying ideas, concerns and results to employees at any level. When you can help the CEO explain new production goals to the part-time guys on the line, your reputation as an essential team member will become sealed in concrete. That kind of experience will not only make you more trustworthy, but can also open doors to management roles.

Be transparent and accountable

In order to prove you’re reliable and trustworthy, you need to show you can take responsibility for your performance – both positive and negative. When you make a mistake, own up to it. Don’t offer any excuses, just state the facts, but also let your supervisor know what you learned from this situation and how you will change things moving forward. Likewise, when you are the catalyst for success, accept responsibility for the good work, but be humble. Be sure to offer accolades to those who helped you achieve this success.

Work to exceed your manager’s expectations

Management, no matter the department, will always have goals slightly different from the company. While these goals always lead to the same outcome, your manager is who you need to work with on a daily basis to meet these goals. The more you understand your manager’s expectations, the more productive you will be. This means you have to listen and communicate with your manager, ensuring you understand your role, so you can display your commitment to both the manager’s needs and the company’s goals.


If you feel like your manager has his doubts about you, find a professional way to address the situation. Don’t allow the awkward tension to linger, but find a resolution that allows you to succeed in your job. If discussing the situation with your boss doesn’t work, consider that this might be the perfect time to create opportunities for yourself. Unsure how or where to start? Let the motivated recruiters at CCS Construction Staffing help. We have proven success finding job seekers just like you top-notch employment opportunities. Give us a call and we can connect you with some of the best employers in the construction industry.

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