Top 4 Things That Must Be On Your Electrician Resume


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Every job site supervisor or project manager knows that it only takes on individual employee to alter the overall function and workflow on any construction project. That’s why it’s important to make sure you show the hiring team that you are the best fit for the job, and that starts with the resume. Since electricians are often the workers who need both broad and specialized skills, their knowledge is especially important.

The job requirements of an electrician have evolved over time. These skilled employees need to harness a mix of technological skills, safety training and knowledge of voltage, circuits and layout.  A good electrician will also have some software and programming skills, as well as some design experience. Whether you’re a journeyman or a master, if you’re an electrician looking to score the perfect job, here are the top four qualities you should include on your resume.

Variety of installs and repairs

Whether working on a high rise apartment or an elderly couple’s home, a great electrical fitter understands how to install and repair a variety of electrical equipment. Often, this requires both extensive training and diverse work experience. Be sure to include both of these on your resume, highlighting them along with the different projects and employers you’ve worked with.

Attention to detail

Employers expect good electricians to be detail oriented, as their work, if rushed, could have larger repercussions down the road. If a part doesn’t connect correctly to a power source, the outcomes could be disastrous and have an extremely negative effect on the construction company’s reputation. Be sure to include on your resume how you are able to recognize faulty connections, which requires strong focus and attention to detail.

Knowledge of tools and equipment

You want an electrician experienced with a variety of electrical tools and equipment. There are many variables with electrical projects, so you want a potential employer to know you can effectively use these tools. Electrical work often occurs in varied working conditions, such as attics or tight places, so showing how you have a solid understanding of the proper tools and most effective techniques will make you more valuable to an employer.

Safety first

One of the most important qualities for an electrician is safety. Strong electrical fitting candidates understand the need for safety standards every day. Include on your resume ways you demonstrated that you are a safety leader. Considering the high caution types of equipment you work with, employers are going to want to know you can react to a situation quickly and can think on your feet.

Remember, your resume isn’t the only spot you have to elaborate on your qualifications. Your cover letter is a great place to give more detail about how your specific experience can benefit this construction company’s next big project. If you need help getting your resume in front of hiring managers, contact CCS Construction Staffing. Our experienced recruiters are ready to help you craft the perfect resume to land a job that will change the direction of your future. Call us today!

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