Why You Must Be On Time For Work Every Day


Construction Staffing

You rarely get a second chance to make a good impression. Job site managers and construction foremen judge you from the moment you pick up a drill or a ladder. And they aren’t the only ones. Your co-workers will make their own decisions about the quality of your work the first time they work along side you. Making a good impression goes a long way, but it’s not as complicated as you think. It can be as easy as just showing up on time every day. Here’s why:

Show up, show respect

Showing up to your shift on time shows that you respect the crew and the project. When you are late, it’s the same as saying you value your personal time more than their professional time. When you’re habitually late, it’s as blatant as a slap in the face. Being on time lets your co-workers know that you are ready to work, which is especially important on a construction site, where many tasks can’t begin until others are finished. That means people are waiting on you to do their jobs.

Time is most definitely money

The construction firm’s clients are expecting the project to be completed in a certain time frame. When you’re working on a large job with a variety of tools, equipment and people, there are plenty of opportunities for an issue to arise that delays productivity. This is a business owner’s worst nightmare. When you show up on time, you’re showing your boss (and your boss’s boss) that you know that time is of the essence. If production lags, so do profits.

Being on time equals being reliable

If you want to be seen as a top-quality, reliable worker, showing up on time is the best way to start. This is especially important if you’re a temp or temp-to-hire employee looking for a permanent position. Nobody wants to work with an unreliable employee, just like no one will want to hire one, either. Being on time every day shows that you can be trusted to take your job seriously.

Efficient at time management

When you show up late because you’re stuck in traffic, it’s not the traffic’s fault – it’s yours. Everyone else took the time to listen to traffic before they left and drive around the accident, so they could arrive on time. People who live farther out wake up early so they can avoid any unexpected delays. This is your job, too. When you show up on time, it shows that you’re strong at scheduling and planning, two qualities employers want in a long-term employee.

When you’re the new face on a job, your co-workers have no idea what to expect, especially when you’re a temporary employee. Showing up on time proves to them them that you are a reliable, hard worker who won’t slow the job site down. On top of this, showing up each day with a smile and a friendly attitude makes you even more valuable. Are you ready step up your employment qualifications? Contact CCS Construction Staffing today!


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