Your Business’ New Year’s Resolution: Work with a Staffing Firm to Fill Vacancies Fast


Construction Staffing

It’s likely your company saw many changes in 2015, and your workforce may be struggling to try and keep up. Your carpenters and brick layers aren’t the only ones with sinking morale. Your general laborers have been running night and day, trying to keep up with the new jobs. As you look at your payroll numbers, you are starting to worry that the overtime might really impact your annual profits.

Maybe it’s time for a New Year’s resolution, one that will make your business, and your life, operate more smoothly.

Whenever your company sees a surge in business, temporary workers fill vacancies fast. They can take on additional responsibilities, positions and help your crew adjust to growing pains. A partnership with a staffing agency could be your best New Year’s resolution yet. Here’s how you can use temporary workers to your benefit.

Get Rid of All the Hats

When your staffing needs change, many of your employees start to wear multiple hats – carpenters become painters, heavy equipment operators become general laborers. A staffing agency allows you to bring in temporary workers, often in 24 hours, to take on these tasks. Letting your specialized tradesmen do what they do best – that’s what a staffing firm does best.

Access Specialized Knowledge

You took a long look at your project lineup and decided you need a professional HVAC technician or an electrician who specializes in specific environments. That doesn’t mean you need a new permanent employee, but it does mean you need help soon, if you want to get the job done on time. Temporary employees can give you the additional help you need, but only when you need it. When your staffing challenges impact productivity, construction doesn’t have to stop. An outsourced worker can keep things running while you boost your team.

Talent right here, right now and into the future

Job site needs can change at the drop of a hat. One day production is moving forward and the next day everything falls apart. That’s why a staffing firm can be your most valuable partner. You can get quick, reliable access to highly skilled workers ready to start at a moment’s notice. You’ll build rapport with many of them, creating a trusting relationship that lasts beyond one job and into three, four or more.

Job site managers, shift leaders and construction business owners all know that a company is only as successful as its employees, and that means both temporary and permanent. Outsourcing members of your construction crew can make a huge difference, giving you access to premium talent who can get specific projects completed on time. Give CCS Construction Staffing a call. We are a leading workforce resource for the construction industry.


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