Your Assignment Just Ended Abruptly – What Do You Do Now?


Construction Staffing

Some construction job seekers really appreciate the idea of taking on temporary positions. These types of jobs allow for freedom even though there can be income uncertainties that come with it.  Many temporary employees like the fact that you can accept or refuse an assignment, while some temporary employees have concerns about unemployment laws and contract labor regulations.

When your temporary construction assignment ends abruptly, what happens next? If you enjoy the variety of experiences that come with temporary employment, you should talk with your recruiter immediately to get the next one lined up. If income uncertainty is a concern, you might consider trying to turn a temporary position into a permanent career. Follow these best practices for your ideal outcome.

Let them know your goals.

Be sure your staffing agency and the construction company know that you want to be considered for permanent employment. Let your supervisor know that you like the job and the company, and hope to keep doing it. Your work ethic and job performance needs to shine. Once you’ve shown you can be an asset, it’s time to show how going permanent is a win-win-win for everyone. You get a career you want, and the employer can hire a worker they trust and have seen in action.

Show confidence and innovation.

Don’t think of a temp job as a lowly position. Temporary employees play a vital role in the workforce. If you see yourself as a second-class citizen, you run the risk of not doing your best work. However, if you think of yourself as a permanent employee, it’s likely your employer will, as well. Offer ideas, suggest ways to improve job site productivity, and collaborate harmoniously with your co-workers.

Take opportunities to be a reliable asset.

Have confidence in your abilities, but also be willing to take on tasks, jobs and assignments that help the company, but may be a little below your pay grade. In other words, show you’re willing to do anything the company needs to be successful. If the job site has gotten a little hectic, or a high-volume rush has left things a mess, offer to organize equipment, sweep up high-traffic areas or organize common-use tools.

For some construction workers, temporary jobs are ideal. These employees aren’t looking for a permanent position with one company, but prefer the flexibility that comes with contract labor. In these cases, once your temporary assignment ends unexpectedly, you should:

  • Add any co-workers or supervisors to your professional network.
  • Connect with your recruiter to learn about new opportunities and discuss next steps.
  • Update your resume with your new experiences.
  • Continue or create a plan for your next career goals.

If you’re looking for temporary employment opportunities or a permanent placement, give CCS Construction Staffing a call. Our recruiters have decades of experience placing talent in the construction industry. We can help you create a career plan that addresses your needs and wants. Call us today!

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