How to Hire the Best Construction Project Manager for Your Business


Construction Staffing

You don’t have to run a million-dollar construction company to attract the best employees in the business. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you’ll need to catch the eye of strong and innovative construction project managers, one of the most sought-after professionals in the industry. You need the best construction project manager if your company needs broad knowledge of your market, along with the ability to lead diverse groups and make critical decisions that keep projects productive and moving forward.

Here are some of the skills you should look for when recruiting the most effective and skilled construction project managers.

Financial planning

A construction project manager with experience planning budgets and executing sound financial decisions can positively impact your bottom line. A construction manager with budget experience allows owners to step away from managing daily tasks and focusing on building client rapport. A construction project manager familiar with labor and equipment costs can play a larger role in planning, executing and overseeing project progress.

Safety policies and procedures

Job site accidents and injuries are the most frequent causes for slowed or halted construction projects. A construction project manager with strong skills in safety will keep a construction job on time and under budget. Look for a manager who promotes safety through a variety of activities, such as inspiring the crew to put safety first, holding daily safety meetings and posting the most up-to-date information. Make sure your top construction project manager candidate understands all the applicable safety laws and regulations, and has a strong respect for OSHA procedures.

Certifications, training and work history

A winning combination – specialized management training paired with a successful, proven work history. A candidate with a degree in management or certificate in building sciences or can become the leader that propels your construction firm to the next level. Education provides a foundation of the theory behind certain construction practices, business techniques and technological skills. Job experience shows how the candidate put those theories into practice. You know you have a strong candidate if you find this combination in one potential construction project manager.

Hands-on skills with technology and tools

The technological revolution has changed the way the construction industry operates. Equipment upgrades occur every day and new construction software is released all the time. Construction project managers can save money and boost productivity when they have substantial experience with technology in both computers and equipment. Not only will they be more effective in their work, they can also train the rest of the crew to harness the power of technology and bridge skills gaps among workers.

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