This Thanksgiving, Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them


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How do you feel when you get rewarded for a job well done, at work or at home? Even just a heart-felt thank you is often enough to motivate you to keep up the good work.

Guess what – your employees feel the same way. In fact, several studies show a raise in recognition over a raise in pay is more likely to improve productivity and loyalty, while decreasing turnover. Displaying appreciation for your construction crew’s hard work is directly connected to higher employee morale, fewer safety issues and improved reputation among clients and customers.

Want to inspire and empower your staff to close out the year on the top of their game? What better time to start an employee recognition program than during the holiday that has appreciation right in its name – Thanksgiving!

Take this time this Thanksgiving holiday to recognize your employees’ achievements. Here are a few suggestions for formal and informal ways to show your appreciation all year long.

Start simple and take time to plan

Recognition must be planned and communicated, or you risk overlooking employees who make a subtle impact. Start out every day by making a list of your entire crew’s achievements. Find out each employee’s personal and professional goals and then take the time to express a positive remark about their progress. The words “Thank You” go a long way, especially when said in front of other workers. Do this once or twice each day and your pride will become contagious. Your employees will strive to do their best if they know their work is valued, even with a simple verbal recognition.

Gather together for a formal appreciation ceremony

Formal recognition programs require more planning and foresight. You must decide on specific traits to award, ones that all employees have the chance to earn. You have an endless array of possibilities for formal recognition. You can start off 2015’s recognition program with a catered Thanksgiving lunch or dinner, accompanied by a few certificates recognizing those employees who have gone beyond the call of duty. Consider eventually using actual awards, like gift cards or extra vacation days. By hosting even just one recognition event a year, you’ll fuel the momentum by staying consistent.

With tightly packed schedules facing many construction managers and business owners, we understand that there might not seem like enough time to initiate a recognition program. However, in the long run, planning an appreciation strategy for your employees will become so lucrative and rewarding that you’ll quickly understand why the time is worth it.

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