Are You Hiring Good Personalities?


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What kind of personality is the best fit for construction? When you look at the diversity of a typical job site, it’s hard – at first – to see a common thread. However, this type of work attracts a certain type of individual – regardless of race, religion or gender. That’s why it’s important to know what kinds of personalities are a good fit for your company and crew.

A bad personality can be almost as detrimental to productivity as lack of experience. When you’re looking to bring on new employees, take inventory of the personality traits of your most successful workers. Be sure to keep these qualities in mind when conducting a job search.

Positivity: Construction workers need to be upbeat

If you have an employee with all the right experience, but who lacks an upbeat attitude, the whole project can suffer. Construction is a physically demanding career, so if you have an employee with a negative attitude, the rest of your crew could be brought down mentally, too. Look for workers who like to encourage others, without being too annoying. Because their outlook is so genuinely upbeat, they will be natural motivators. Other employees will be drawn to them, and everyone will tackle jobs with a more positive outlook.

Teamwork: Construction projects rely on collaboration

Teamwork isn’t just about employees working on certain areas together; it’s about pulling in the diverse expertise of your entire crew to complete an outstanding project. Personality drives collaboration. Be sure to choose employees you think would fit in well with your current crew. You can even conduct group interviews, bringing in a few trustworthy employees at the end to get to know the candidate. It is essential that a job site run smoothly and harmoniously if you want your project to get done on time.

Leadership: Guidance with respect and appreciation

If you have an employee with multiple certifications, but who pretentiously treats the other workers without respect, then all those resources are lost. If a new manager comes in with a chip on their shoulder, no one will respect or listen to them. The right personality for construction is one who can lead and guide without appearing bossy or degrading. It means leading the team by being a part of the team.

In today’s booming construction industry, employers have to focus on personality as well as professionalism. Partnering with CCS Construction Staffing can help you develop plans that consider the kinds of personalities that will increase overall productivity –  which can impact employee retention and your bottom line. Give us a call today!



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