The Construction Industry Is Growing, but You Could Face Hiring Dilemmas


Construction Staffing

Even though the construction industry is quite literally booming, many employers still face significant hiring challenges. Some construction firms are trying to regain ground against the competition, while others are dealing with a job seekers’ market. This means that many hiring teams have to sift through numerous interviews before finding a candidate who wants the job and meets the need.

How do construction companies plan on facing hiring challenges as their industry continues to grow? Having worked with some of the top construction companies, CCS Construction Staffing’s experienced recruiters know firsthand how to overcome the top hiring challenges facing employers today.

Keep your good employees happy. You need to keep your top construction workers happily employed if you want to avoid hiring dilemmas. Making their job satisfaction a priority can help ensure that these skilled workers and talented tradesmen stay loyal to your company. Provide opportunities for advancement and training to prevent turnover and keep your top performers working hard.

Be more efficient in hiring. How long does it take you to select a candidate, whether a permanent or temporary employee? Once the position is open, how much time typically passes until it’s filled? Every second that job opening is vacant –especially on a construction site – is money lost. Creating a timeline for your hiring process will fill your vacant positions with high-quality candidates when you need them most.

Beat the competition. Find out what your competitors are offering, and meet or exceed it. Become the coveted company. Be the place where laborers, tradesmen and equipment operators are trying to get into. If your major competitor offers 14 vacation days, offer 18. Let benefits kick in after 30 days instead of 90. Avoid having to convince a candidate to choose your company by making your firm one of the top places to work.

Bridge skills gaps in your employees. As your baby boomers retire and millennials come in, you’re bound to start noticing some skills gaps. Your older employees have experience on the equipment, but your younger skilled workers are more tech savvy. Keep your current and future employees productive by making sure everyone is trained for their position. You can offer on-the-job training, or require certain certifications for your entire crew. Making sure you properly onboard both your permanent and temporary hires can help eliminate skills gaps, as well.

Many construction employers partner with staffing agencies to help meet these hiring dilemmas. If you’re interested in learning how CCS Construction Staffing can help you overcome your staffing challenges, visit us online. Our recruiters can connect you to the right employees at the right time.

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