Construction Project Manager: What You Need to Make a Great Salary


Construction Executive

Construction project managers are some of the highest-paid professionals in the construction industry. Your ability to manage people and projects can serious impact the success of any construction company. That’s why good construction project managers are highly sought after; they bring in-depth knowledge of the construction industry, along with the ability to lead firmly and fairly and make critical decisions in high-stress situations.

However, a great construction project manager will have all of that and more. Looking to move up the construction corporate ladder? If you’re looking for an increase in pay, you’ll need to work on an increase in skills. Here are some of the skills construction firms look for when paying top dollar for a construction project manager.

Budget Experience

Construction project managers with finance and budget experience dealing can definitely make more money, both for themselves and the company. This kind of management helps construction firm owners step away from micromanaging and work on big-picture tasks. Having financial experience also shows that you can keep projects moving on time and on budget. Knowing labor and equipment costs, as well how much to spend on upgrading current tools will allow you to play a larger role in planning, implanting and overseeing project progress.

Safety Experience

Preventing accidents and injuries, one of the most common reasons for slowed or halted construction projects, is essential for keeping a construction job on time and under budget. A strong construction project manager promotes safety in numerous ways. First, they make safety an unwavering priority and encourages the crew to put safety first and foremost, as well. Construction project managers hold regular safety meetings, post important accident-prevention information and are current with all the applicable safety laws and regulations.

Experience and Education

It’s the perfect combo – a strong educational background paired with broad work experience. A degree or certificate in architecture, building sciences, management or engineering paves the way for a future as a leader in the construction industry. Education gives you a foundation of the theory behind certain construction practices, as well as business sense and technological skills. Experience on the job site shows you know how to put those theories into practice. Making a great salary as a construction project manager comes with having this killer combination.

Computers and Construction Software

The technological revolution has greatly affected the construction industry. Equipment upgrades seem to happen overnight. However, equipment isn’t the only high-tech aspect of building. Knowing construction-specific software can help project managers cut costs and keep the job moving forward. Being able to train their crew allows other employees to gain new abilities and bridges skills gaps between generations.

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