Why Having Fun at Work is Good for Business


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Happy employees are workers who produce. Period. We could actually end this blog now and the main idea would still be lodged firmly in your mind – if you want an increase in business, you’ve got to focus on job satisfaction. Having fun at work is one of the leading ways to improve morale, increase productivity, improve safety and promote efficiency. Any one of these results will positively impact your bottom line.

You don’t have to relax the rules to bring fun into the workplace. If you’re looking to strengthen retention and attract new employees, there are plenty of low-budget ways to lighten the mood.

Reduce Stress with Sports

Stress relieving activities, such as placing a basketball hoop in the parking lot, can help employees work off tension. It’s also a way to build teamwork. Sign up your company for an afterhours slow-pitch softball or adult dodge ball league. Open the roster to anyone and everyone who wants to play.

Feed the Sense of Community

Complimentary lunches not only impacts morale, but are almost guaranteed to turn on your company’s “awesome switch.” Not only will your current staff appreciate the changes you make, but new candidates will be impressed as well. Give the lunch- and break-room an interactive overhaul, creating a place where employees can connect and unwind.

Offer Flex Time

Who says work has to happen exclusively between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.? Employees are more productive during different times of the day. Offering a variety of shifts and access to technology can give these workers the flexibility they need to be productive, confident and satisfied.

Boost the Benefits

Focus on benefits that will improve work-life balance, meaning they will not just make your job site better, but your staff’s lives better as well. Offer immediate vacation packages and sick leave, and shoot for giving both paid maternity and paternity leave. Offer to pay for gym memberships, health insurance or professional development. Statistics show that employees are more energized and productive when they come back from a refreshing mental and physical break.

Studies have shown that, for many job seekers, it’s not all about the paycheck – they want to work for a company that emphasizes both fun and productivity. If you want the highest-quality workers putting out their best work, you have to make work a place they don’t just have to be – they want to be. Their collective happiness will be the best PR your firm can get.

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