3 Annoying Co-Workers and Tips to Tolerate Them


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Whether it’s the HVAC tech who incessantly talks about family drama or the equipment operator who steals food from the company fridge, we’ve all dealt with co-workers who drive us up the wall. Of course, colleagues who drive you crazy also pose a problem: How do you deal with them without becoming a total jerk or incredibly stressed out?

The recruiters at CCS Construction Staffing come across all kinds of staffing situations that impact performance and job satisfaction – annoying co-workers is a pretty common one. Here are some of the best tips on handling the most annoying co-workers on the job site and in the office.

The Slacker

How often do you find yourself carrying twice the load? How many times do you come in early and find that the last man out didn’t properly clean up the workspace? One of the most annoying co-workers ever (which is why it tops the list) is the slacker. This employee cuts corners, neglects to complete a task all the way and often shows up late or not at all.  If you find yourself getting stressed out over a slacker, be sure to politely point out in the moment when that co-worker’s slacking affects your productivity. After a few pleasant reminders, get firm. If the behavior doesn’t change and you can’t live with it, you’ll need to log a complaint with management.

The Negative Nelly

Negativity, even from just one person, can significantly impact everyone. Not only can it spread like a cold or cough, but it can also really stress people out. Optimistic workers are more likeable and more enjoyable to work with. When you’re stuck with a Negative Nelly, try redirecting everything negative they say. Instead, point out the positives. Encourage them to be more optimistic. If that doesn’t work, talk to your plant or site supervisor and find out if there is another project you can be placed on. Explain that Nelly’s negativity poorly impacts your productivity.

The Inescapable Annoyer

This one is right next to your workspace, or a cocky young day laborer or, worse, your boss. Cross your fingers and wish that you never wind up with an annoying co-worker you can’t escape. If you aren’t quite so lucky, remember there are ways to decrease your emotional temperature. Look inward to discover the reasons why this person annoys you. Maybe she really reminds you of your mother-in-law.  If you suffer from an annoying boss, make it a point every day to pick out his positive qualities. Try to think of the character you’re building by dealing with this co-worker. Challenge yourself to think critically about creative solutions to this interpersonal problem.

If you believe that you’re the only person dealing with a frustrating colleague, you’d be shocked to discover you’re actually not alone. Research shows that one-in-eight people quit due to “incivility.” A construction site must run harmoniously if the job is to get done on time and without any safety incidents. If you are ready to find a job that fits you both professionally and personally, give CCS Construction Staffing a call. Our experienced recruiters are here to help you land the opportunity of a lifetime.

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