Construction Industry Targets Ex-Military for Management Roles


Construction Executive

Veterans once helped defend the U.S., and now that they are back home, they can help build it. Many construction companies are reaching out and recruiting military members specifically for management positions. Financial cuts in the defense budget have resulted in a significant amount of ex-service personnel now entering the civilian job market.

Management skills are some of the most sought-after in the construction industry. As growth continues, so will the need for strong leaders who can manage production, personnel and productivity. What are the qualities military personnel have that translate into a good job- site supervisor?


Even if a soldier didn’t lead their unit, construction firms can harness the leadership skills developed in the armed forces. As supervisors on a job site, they can think quickly in high-pressure situations, make decisions that promote the good of the group, keep the rest of the crew focused on the project and completing the mission.  These are skills that most veterans develop, regardless of their position within the military.


Soldiers are trained to solve complex problems on the ground in high-stress environments. The solutions must keep their fellow soldiers safe and secure, while also moving the mission forward. Sometimes issues arise that require military personnel to switch gears in the middle of a project. They must always be focused on the big picture and how to get there. This helps on construction sites where accidents, weather, turnover and supplies can make a significant impact on production. Veterans can solve complicated problems that might otherwise slow up or even halt work on a job site.


Veterans must quickly learn how to work together with people from all walks of life. Regardless of race, religion or creed, military members come together as a group with two major goals – protect lives and complete the mission. By understanding their strengths and weaknesses, veterans are able to contribute to a team that is completely focused on those two goals. In a construction company, these employees can become supervisors who know how to put together a strong team and facilitate productivity.


With such a myriad of job-site duties, from electricians to skilled laborers, from crane operators to HVAC technicians, construction jobs are often a great match for military skill set. Many enlisted veterans served as engineers, plumbers, electricians, and heavy equipment operators while stationed overseas. This combination of practical experience and leadership skills empower construction employers to see officers as a good fit for their managerial and supervisory roles.

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