4 Ways to Prevent Performance Bottlenecks on the Job Site


Construction StaffingPerformance bottlenecks can be a major setback on any job site, resulting in production delays and loss of revenue. What’s worse, if these lags happen repeatedly, it could significantly impact your construction firm’s reputation. Bottlenecks in construction performance most often occur when workers have difficulty completing their tasks on time or when jobs overlap that need to be sequential. For example, if your electrician is too slow, your painting crew may have to push back production.

Bottlenecks can also result from poor project management. The focus isn’t just on employee efficiency, but also on the management decisions that keep production rolling. Here are a few ways you can unclog bottlenecks on the job site, and even prevent standstills from happening in the first place.

Step back from micromanaging

Allowing your employees, both contract laborers and skilled tradesmen, to have ownership of the minor decisions they make every day can significantly reduce performance bottlenecks. When they don’t have to seek approval for every single decision, tasks are completed more quickly and more efficiently. Your foreman isn’t bogged down by minutia, and your subcontractors aren’t stopping every half hour to get you to check off on their work.

Get strong leaders

Find a foreman who understands how to keep the workflow smooth. Get site managers and team leads who have a grasp of project management. Make sure the leaders and advanced tradesmen on your project are dependable and can think critically in tight situations. Jobsite managers need to ensure that work is progressing on schedule and jump in to help when tasks backup.

Reduce safety concerns

Accidents don’t just slow down a job – they can also completely halt production. For employees to always operate at peak performance, it is essential that your firm commits to achieving a zero-accident environment. Clearly defined and prominently posted safety information, along with regular training, can reduce jobsite accidents and keep your crew safe and productive.

Keep the site clean and organized

Contractors and construction firm owners need to create rules for general project cleaning and keeping an organized workspace. It’s not just about picking up trash or sweeping up scraps, though those are important tasks to hold employees accountable for. Organization prevents bottlenecks by making sure that spaces are uncluttered and the right equipment is close at hand, clean and ready for use.

While some are quick to blame bottlenecks on lazy employees or inadequately skilled workers, it is also common for poor management to clog the workflow. Get your employees at all levels on board with preventing bottlenecks and you’ll notice a huge shift in productivity. Even then, sometimes it’s necessary to have more hands on deck to get a construction project done in time. When those situations arise, give CCS Construction Staffing a call. We have proven successful solutions to staffing needs specific to the construction industry.

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