3 Best Practices for Seasonal Recruiting


Employee DevelopmentSeasonal employees may only be around for a limited time, but that doesn’t mean you should consider them expendable. These workers still represent your company, no matter how brief their tenure, so it’s essential that owners and contractors treat them with value. How you recruit and onboard your seasonal workers impacts both the present project as well as future ones to come.

Honestly, with the economy in an up-tick, it’s always busy season for the construction industry. From skilled technicians to general laborers, construction firms often “need all hands on deck”. When your company’s peak season picks up, you can’t just hire off the street if you want the job done right. Here are three surefire tips to improve your seasonal recruiting practices.

Search for candidates who want seasonal work

Even though unemployment is steadily shrinking, there are still many skilled laborers and construction workers out there looking for regular work. While they may be useful in a seasonal role, understand that their goal is to find a permanent career. They will be hoping to impress you, likely giving a phenomenal performance on the job site. However, where will that amazing HVAC technician be next season? When you hire candidates specifically looking for seasonal work, you establish a reliable relationship that keeps them coming back, year after year.

Screen and onboard to mitigate risk

It’s easy to interview seasonal candidates and then immediately place them out on a site. Your time is limited and your deadlines are piling up. However, proper screening and onboarding can help you avoid the risk of a giant setback. What happens if that seasonal employee walks off the site with your most expensive tools? A background check could have clued you in to any red flags in a candidate’s work history. Likewise, onboarding may take time out of the workday, but it can ensure that your job site stays safe and productive. Make sure that new hire is up-to-date on the safety practices, codes and regulations for this specific job.

Partner with a staffing agency

When it’s time to hire seasonal or contract employees, you’re typically up to your eyeballs in work. That’s why letting a staffing firm take the lead on your hiring process can really benefit productivity. First, a staffing agency can pre-screen candidates, connecting you with the best workers right away. Second, they can take care of drug testing, background checks and paperwork, allowing them to get on the job site quicker, yet still completely up-to-speed. On top of all that, many recruitment firms also offer payroll and other staffing assistance, which helps unburden you and your crew even more.

If you’re in dire need for seasonal employees, or just looking to improve your onboarding process, contact CCS Construction Staffing. We specialize in recruitment for the construction industry, which means we know your needs inside and out. Call us today!

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