Don’t Let Perfectionism Ruin Your Hiring Process


CCS Construction Staffing

The search for the perfect candidate — where does it usually end? Just like the perfect boss or the perfect business, the perfect hire, especially in construction, is something that rarely, if ever, exists. While it is important to search until you find the right person, waiting until you come across the ideal worker, laborer or tradesmen may mean you wait forever. Think of so many opportunities that might pass while contractors are looking for an employee that may never come around.

Don’t let perfectionism ruin your hiring process. Instead of focusing on the perfect hire, try looking for a candidate who meets specific criteria that will boost productivity on your job site. Before you eliminate a potential employee, whether full time or temporary, try examining his or her potential from a different angle. You can find a great construction employee if you look for a candidate with a solid footing in these three areas:


The right candidate is someone who can not only do the job, but also do the job well. That may mean you have to be flexible about the applicant’s work history. You want someone with the right training and experience, but don’t be afraid to settle for one being stronger than the other. Some skills are essential – a crane operator needs specific certifications, obviously, but other skills can be taught on the job. Prioritize your needs and the needs of the project, and then go from there.


A resume will typically tell you a candidate’s qualifications, but it won’t reveal who he or she is as a person. Not only do you want a new temporary worker or permanent employee with the right work experience, you also want someone who fits in with your crew. Some contractors and construction projects require a certain personality type to be successful. If your job site needs someone with leadership potential, look for those qualities. If your crew needs more support, seek out a candidate with the ability to listen to directions and work well with others.


Unless you are hiring temporary employees or contract workers, you are looking for a candidate with long-term potential. The hiring process is costly, so it’s important to find the right fit the first time. Consider your construction company’s opportunities for growth when searching for a new hire. How could this employee be useful for projects down the road? What kind of skilled workers will you need in the future? Look not just at a candidate’s current abilities, but also their employment possibilities.

When it’s time to launch a new search, be sure to have a plan in place. Decide where you should advertise in order to catch the attention of the top performers in your industry. Take the time to analyze the current job market, so you know if you’re offering a salary and benefits package that is competitive. Using a staffing agency like CCS Construction Staffing can help you reach out to highly qualified, prescreened candidates looking to start on job sites right away. If you’re prepared to fill a new position, don’t scramble around – let our experienced recruiters put together a hiring plan that addresses all your needs.

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