8 Ways to Keep Project Management Communication Strong


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Effective communication is the foundation of a successful job site. Your staff, both temporary employees and the permanent crew, can have all the experience and training in the world, but if they can’t communicate with the team, projects can lag or, even worse, stall completely. It’s the job of those responsible for project management to keep the lines of communication open and moving forward.

If you want better speed and efficiency, without losing quality, then contractors must find ways to improve collaboration and communication. You’ll energize your laborers and reignite their passion for this construction project. There are several simple, yet effective ways to keep project management communication on a construction site going strong.

Clearly Communicate with Your Team in 8 Simple Steps

  1. Set Expectations: Let the team know, specifically, what you expect from them, both in the short term and the long term. If they understand their individual responsibilities for this job, they are better equipped to achieve both your goals and theirs.
  2. Hold Effective Team Meetings: Let’s be honest – sometimes meetings drag on and on, and the topics aren’t relevant to everyone present. Strong project management means restructuring meetings so they are the most effective for everyone involved.
  3. Use Simple Words and Visuals: Members of your staff might all have different learning styles – some are visual, some are auditory and some are kinesthetic. Project managers must be sure to utilize all of these communication techniques so that everyone can understand their role on the job site.
  4. Create a Receptive Environment: Remove the tension. Get your employees to relax, especially if the project has recently had some setbacks. Deflate the tension with these employees to boost morale, communication and productivity.
  5. Show Appreciation: Say thank you. Say please. Let your staff know when they’ve done a job well. When project managers clearly appreciate their construction crews, employees are encouraged to work harder and communicate more efficiently.
  6. Be Open and Honest: Transparency will improve how your employees contribute to the project. It will encourage open dialogue and allow you to delegate some of the tasks involved with project management.
  7. Establish Deliverables: Be clear with your expected outcomes and how you plan on measuring the success of this project. Your employees will work more effectively and efficiently if they can clearly see the path to success.
  8. Encourage Collaboration: Get the team to talk to each other. Provide opportunities for them to work together in an open and candid group setting. Pair individuals up to help boost areas that need more attention. Get everyone on the same page to make sure the project is completed on time.

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