Why Strong Ethics Is a Must in Human Resources


Construction Executive

The path to a strong ethical workplace starts with human resources. Every contractor and job site manager knows that a construction site cannot run efficiently without strong ethics. Policies that promote ethical business practices keep skilled laborers, full-time workers and temporary employees safe on the job. Ethics also show clients that they can count on your construction company to provide a high-quality product that can stand the test of time. That’s why ethics has to start at the beginning. Your human resources team is the foundation for an ethical business.

Prevent Legal Issues

Insurance, workers’ compensation, building permits, OSHA requirements – the list of legal concerns for the construction industry goes on and on. That’s why it is vital that the human resources department be the pinnacle of ethical practices. When ethics slip in HR, companies can plunge into a sea of legal trouble, civil and criminal. These slips can also be reported to other authorities, like the Better Business Bureau or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This can seriously damage a construction firm’s reputation and impact opportunities for future business.

Avoid Employee Conflict

When your HR team operates with ethical programs in place, you can rest at ease that your jobsite won’t be dealing with costly trouble from discrimination issues, employee confrontation and harassment. Hostile-work-environment situations can result in high costs for compensation, litigation and out-of-court settlements. Employees also feel protected and can be more productive, knowing they are working for an employer who values them as employees and as people. A safe jobsite not only relies on safety practices, but on ethical ones, as well.

Improved Company Culture

HR professionals, especially in the construction industry, can help build an ethical workplace culture from the start. Because they play a prominent role in hiring, training and evaluating employees, they can influence the ethics of their organizations at every level. From temporary day laborers to skilled master tradesmen, each employee on the job site will be not just be a part of an ethical company, they will be its guardians. By playing a role in the company ethics, they can help job sites run more smoothly, build trust with current and potential customers and provide peace of mind for business owners.

A solid reputation as an ethical employer won’t happen overnight. Savvy, ethics-conscious construction firms display a firm commitment to ethics in every area of the construction business, including human resources. Partnering with a staffing firm with years of experience in construction can give you the leverage you need to build the ethics in your company. From top-of-the-line temporary workers to highly skilled permanent employees, CCS Construction Staffing has the support you need to accomplish business goals.

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