Construction Industry Leads the Pack with Happiest Employees


Construction Staffing

Snow White and her seven dwarves were right about a happy job; all you need to do is just “whistle while you work.” The next time you visit a construction site, take a moment to listen for the whistling. According to TINYpulse’s 2015 Best Industry Ranking report, construction workers are among the happiest employees. Using anonymous surveys from more than 30,000 employees across more than 500 organizations, construction workers came out on top.

So, what makes the construction industry one of the leaders in employee satisfaction? And, more importantly, how can your construction firm harness this data to boost morale, productivity and safety?

Job Growth

The construction industry, residential and commercial, was hit hardest during the recession, but is steadily bouncing back. This steady growth provides job security and is a mood booster, creating new employment opportunities and higher salaries for both permanent and temporary employees. Who isn’t happy with more cash in their pockets?

Safe Working Conditions

A lack of emphasis on safety could send a message to work crews that their employer doesn’t care what happens to them. If they don’t think you see them as valuable, they definitely won’t see their work as valuable. By implementing routine safety meetings, creating visible safety posters, and making safety manuals and procedures accessible at all times, employees can take control of jobsite safety. Knowing they are working in a safe environment – under management who values their skills and their lives – boosts not only job satisfaction, but also productivity. With fewer occurrences of jobsite accidents, projects can be completed on point and on time.

Tools for Success

Construction equipment is some of the most complex technological tools in the world. From operating massive cranes to installing complicated electrical wiring, these trades become more advanced as the tools improve. Access to education, training and certifications keep workers invested in their jobs. The more they are challenged to rise to a higher standard, the more satisfaction they find in their work.  Because so many of these workers, both permanent and temporary, come in with a unique set of skills, giving them the tools to move up and succeed gives them more joy in their daily jobs.

Do you want to do more whistling at your work? The elite recruiters at CCS Construction Staffing have decades of experience helping skilled tradesmen and construction laborers find satisfaction in their work. We can connect you with employers who pride themselves on creating workplaces that emphasize employee satisfaction.

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